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Association 61

The primary objective of Association 61 is acting for transparency in public life and for civic access to public information about citizens’ representatives. Access to public information is a constitutional norm, which states that citizens have a right to know about the activities and decisions of public authorities. In a democratic state knowledge and information are tools of control for citizens, that help them choose freely. Obtaining this information is often a challenge of itself – it relies upon the public administration and its will to share the information, the development of new media, and the ability of citizens to pose the right questions.

We pursue our objective by developing the content and functionality of the web service www.mamprawowiedziec.pl (“I have a right to know”). We focus especially on: promoting conscious and active participation in political life, encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote, raising the voters’ knowledge about candidates and political parties, mobilizing candidates and political parties to take a clear position in public matters, monitoring the activities of people elected to public offices, acting for the transparency of elections and election campaigns, civic education, political and patriotic education, promoting democratic mechanisms in public life, increasing citizens’ participation in democratic processes, the development of information society, especially focusing on the free and equal access to information. Association 61 realizes these objectives through: gathering and processing of data on candidates in elections; information campaigns promoting active and conscious participation in national elections; running databases and internet service; the creation and dissemination of reports and analyses on the programs and activities of political parties, electoral committees, politicians, and people elected to public offices; cooperating with other institutions and the media.

Our activities allow access to reliable, synthesized, and objective information. We aim at building the credibility of public information we provide, thus we do not interpret the data, but only provide and correlate them.

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Projekt realizowany w ramach programu Obywatele dla Demokracji, finansowanego z Funduszy EOG.

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